“Death Cross” Sparks Bitcoin Sell-Off 160

Talk of a “death cross” in Bitcoin on Thursday has sparked an investor sell-off down to the $7,500 line, where it met support. The digital currency was struggling at the $8,000 mark since earlier this week.

Bitcoin Down to March Lows at $7,500 Amid Bearish Pattern

Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency in the market, continues its steady drop in price ever since failing to break the $12,000 resistance in early March.

Apart from exceptions such as ERA (+45%) or Skycoin (+27%), the top 100 coins by market capitalization is down for the day as investors get gloomier potentially from talks of a “death cross” in Bitcoin. The term is used in technical analysis to describe a crossover of the 50-day moving average and the longer-term 200-day moving average, more specifically, when the 50-day moving average moves below the 200-day moving average. The pattern is often considered a bearish signal.

The 50-day moving average has already taken out the 100-day average and investors are fearing the worst as it chases the 200-day MA. Investors tend to find that technical signal quite negative, especially given the recent performance of Bitcoin as it trades steadily lower since the launch of futures.

The introduction of Bitcoin in futures trading has provided a “gold rush” towards cryptocurrencies during the last quarter of 2017 in a move that triggered a global conversation about the digital coins and blockchain. The announcement that CME Group would list Bitcoin futures sparked a break of the $7,000 area in Bitcoin. The price then kept climbing until hitting its current roof at $20,000 in mid-December as it ran out of fuel from the futures listings.

There are, however, a few arguments that can provide a less bearish stance. The last death cross pattern for bitcoin was in September 2015. Instead of a magnificent plunge, the digital coin more than doubled its value as it moved from around $230 to the $500 area in about two months.

Brian Kelly, a trader in CNBC’s Fast Money, supports a more bullish technical view as he points to an uptrend in play since August.

“Bitcoin, just like the spot FX markets, follows technicals closely, therefore these support levels gain more importance. If these levels hold, then it will confirm the uptrend from August is still valid.”

For now, the cryptocurrency sits at the $7,500 area, with the 2018 low being at $6,149. Year-to-date, the digital currency is down by 38 percent, approximately. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency market threatens to review its market cap low of 2018, at $275 billion.

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Start9 Unveils New Capabilities for Hosting Private AI Models on Personal Servers 5709

Start9, the company behind StartOS, today announced the addition of Stable Diffusion, a text-to-image diffusion model, and FreeGPT, a large language model (LLM) chat interface, to the Start9 Marketplace. These new services introduce AI capabilities to StartOS users for the first time, allowing them to host their own private AI models on a personal server.

Currently, using AI for image generation or chat requires users to agree to terms and conditions that allow companies to monitor, store, and censor their interactions. This has led to mounting concerns over the security of users’ personal data as AI technologies, and the corporations hosting them, grow increasingly powerful. Stable Diffusion and FreeGPT for StartOS make it possible for users to locally host and experiment with their own, private, unbiased, unrestricted AI. Every image generated or question asked remains secure and accessible only to the user.

“AI might prove to be the most profoundly impactful innovation of the 21st century,” said Matt Hill, CEO and co-founder of Start9. “It is critical that this new power does not concentrate into the hands of a few, leaving the rest of us dependent on the innovation of those individuals and entities. In the hands of us all, unencumbered, AI could ignite an era of freedom, prosperity, and exploration unparalleled in human history. It is that important.”

“The internet had an outsized impact for early adopters, and we believe AI is going to be bigger than the internet,” added Jonathan Kirkwood, co-founder and managing partner at Ten31. “With the advancement of AI tools occurring at a breakneck pace and open source solutions poised to take superiority as the leading implementations for individuals and businesses alike, Start9 is uniquely situated as the only solution for anyone anywhere to easily run their own server for self-hosting these novel tools without compromising on data security.”

Start9’s StartOS encapsulates the Linux sysadmin command line experience into a graphical interface to facilitate discovering, downloading, installing, configuring, and running server applications or services on a personal, private server. Doing so eliminates third parties from the computing experience, which now includes AI interactions with the additions of Stable Diffusion and FreeGPT.

Stable Diffusion and FreeGPT are available now on the Start9 Marketplace. Visit https://start9.com/ to learn more about how Start9 enables anyone to run their own personal server regardless of technical skill or command line experience.

About Start9

Start9 is the development team behind StartOS, a first-of-its-kind operating system for running a personal server. Through StartOS and the company’s incredible support program, Start9 is making it possible for anyone to own a personal server and connect to it from anywhere in the world with autonomy. By running a personal server, individuals, families, and small businesses can continue to use their phones and computers as usual but without the involvement of third-party intermediaries or custodians, thereby eliminating concerns over invasion of privacy, censorship, costly subscriptions, and third-party hacks. With the personal server as its cornerstone, Start9 affords the emergence of a new computing paradigm, in which entire fleets of Internet-connected devices – such as cameras, wearables, and vehicles, powered by AI – exist irrevocably under the direct and total control of their owners.

About Ten31

Ten31 is the leading platform investing in companies building infrastructure and technology in the Bitcoin ecosystem. With a footprint in Nashville and Austin, Ten31 seeks to support the ecosystem’s most promising founders and companies, leveraging its deep understanding of Bitcoin, extensive experience, and broad reach to create value for its partners. Since the fund’s inception, Ten31 has directed more than $100 million in equity to companies building on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. For more information, visit www.ten31.vc.

Pop Social raises $4M in strategic and seed round 5671

Pop Social, a trailblazing decentralized AI Web3 social platform, is proud to announce the successful closure of its seed and strategic fundraising, raising a total of $4 million. The investment comes from a diverse group of industry leaders, including Fundamental Labs, Ceras Ventures, ChainLink, Cointelegraph, Fusion Labs, Promatrix Capital, Prysm Group and angel investors from the ex-Binance and OKX executive teams.

Pop Social’s meteoric rise is underscored by its rapidly expanding user base, boasting more than 250,000 downloads, over 150,000 registered beta testers and a thriving community comprising more than 450,000 members. The platform recently celebrated a major milestone with its 1-millionth original content post on the Pop DApp. Boasting well over 40,000 daily active users and a steadily growing community, Pop Social is emerging as a prominent player in the Web3 social media arena.

This successful funding round reflects a resounding vote of confidence in Pop Social’s mission to reshape the social media landscape through the principles of Web3 and decentralization. With these newly acquired funds, the Pop Social team is poised to unveil a host of exciting upgrades and innovative features, enriching the ecosystem in the forthcoming days.

One eagerly anticipated development is the official token exchange listing for Pop Social’s native token, Pop Token (PPT), slated for September of this year. The team will soon announce official dates for its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and community sale, opening up new opportunities for users to participate in and contribute to the platform’s continued growth and success.

In the next phases of the Pop Social ecosystem’s roadmap, AI-powered tools will drive content uniqueness and break down barriers to content creation, enabling the next billion users to embrace Web3. Pop Social’s mission empowers millions of global content creators; the team will be integrating an AI Chatbot into the platform to further carry this mission and nurture user success.

The Pop Social ecosystem will be introducing the revolutionary Phygital Creator Marketplace, where users can obtain physical assets like exclusive Pop Social merchandise and its digital counterpart in the form of accessory NFTs. The highly anticipated Pop Genesis NFT: Popbit will allow users to customize the look of their Dynamic Pop NFT with transferrable accessories on-chain. The Marketplace is a creative hub where creators transform their unique content into impressive Creator NFTs, minted directly on the Pop Social ecosystem via the Pop DApp.

As Pop Social continues to flourish and innovate, the future of Web3 social media appears exceedingly promising. The recent funding round serves as a mere prologue to the platform’s enthralling journey to onboard the next billion users into Web3.

ETH Riyadh 2023: Exploring the Future of the Web3 Ecosystem 5896

On October 11th, 2023, ETH Riyadh 2023, presented by Tharawat Technology, Studio 23, ChainIDE, Coffee with Crypto, and Mask, is poised to assemble developers, innovators, and the global blockchain community in a dynamic exchange of ideas and technological advancements. Riyadh is once again primed to assert itself as a global epicenter for blockchain innovation with the imminent arrival of the ETH Riyadh 2023 conference.

Riyadh represents a burgeoning center for digital innovation, with a growing tech-savvy community and an environment conducive to the adoption of emerging technologies. The strategic location in the heart of the Middle East makes Riyadh an ideal meeting point for blockchain enthusiasts from diverse regions, fostering international collaboration and innovation.

EthRiyadh 2023 is a series of hybrid events, hosted both online and offline, featuring three distinct stages. It kicks off with the META to Global Web3 Builder Competition, taking place from September 18th to October 12th. This competition will feature multiple tracks focusing on the latest innovations in the web3 industry and blockchain technology, encouraging developers and innovators to showcase their skills and creativity.

Following with the Builder Conference that Scheduled for October 11th. This part of the event promises captivating talks and panel discussions led by leaders and visionaries in the blockchain field. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into emerging trends and groundbreaking technologies that are shaping the future of web3 and Ethereum.

The event culminates with the online Builder Mixer, taking place on October 12th. This is a unique opportunity for participants to connect with a vibrant community of builders, fostering growth and mutual success. Attendees can share stories about their experiences in building and forging meaningful connections that may lead to future achievements in the blockchain industry.

For more information about ETH Riyadh 2023, including registration details and agenda updates, please visit [www.ethriyadh.com].

Solar Dex to relaunch on Quai Network 6618

While many solutions for blockchain scalability have been proposed, they remain unable to crack the blockchain trilemma, sacrificing security and decentralization. Quai is the first blockchain protocol that is simultaneously decentralized, censorship resistant and infinitely scalable. Quai, in contrast to traditional cryptocurrencies, functions as a network of many interoperable blockchains braided together. Due to a breakthrough discovery that occurred during research on proof-of-work, Quai Network utilizes a new consensus mechanism, proof of entropy minima (PoEM), which eliminates all consensus-based forks and enables all Quai nodes to remain in “perpetual consensus.”

Solar Dex began as the first United States-based decentralized exchange on Solana, and will now be pivoting to build on Quai as one of its first DEXs. Due to a loss of TVL on Solana and many Solana-based projects moving strictly to NFTs, the Solar team has decided to get ahead of the DeFi curve and take advantage of Quai’s low-cost, high-speed decentralized network in order to better position Solar Dex for the next bull run. The team at Solar is building on top of Quai Network to “ensure a more sustainable future for Solar Dex.”

Roy Fardin, chief business officer, said: “After talking to the Quai Network team, we have never been more bullish about a layer 1 with scalability and its passion for growth. It was a clear eye-opener that they care about DeFi and want other projects that utilize this network to succeed. The vision behind Quai brings the best of Ethereum and Solana all together into this new network.”

Solar Dex will be reworking the DEX into several components as it builds on Quai. The DEX will not only support traditional swaps, but also add in customizable swap themes. In addition, Solar Dex’s Solar Sentries NFTs will allow staking as a yield opportunity derived by all exchange fees earned from Sentry Mode projects.

Richard, CEO of Solar Dex, said: “On top of traditional DEX swaps, Solar Dex will be adding limit orders on Quai. “We’re doing a total revamp of the website and DEX which should be very aesthetically pleasing and simplistic to onboard new users to DeFi and also Quai.”

With Quai’s Iron Age Testnet beginning in September 2023, Solar Dex will be prioritizing its deployment on Quai for the coming months. There will be incentives to beta-test Solar DEX on Quai and additional generalized rewards will be provided by Quai for participating in the Iron Age Testnet. On top of this, the Solar team will be adding a surprise feature to the DEX to build excitement for Quai’s testnet launch, as well as utilizing its incentive program to reward holders.

With backing from Polychain Capital and an expert team with backgrounds at Apple, GridPlus, Tesla, Consensys, Circle and more, Quai is excited to usher in a new generation of innovative applications that don’t sacrifice decentralization.

Uranium3o8 tokenizes uranium to democratize commodity access and ownership 6736

Sanmiguel Capital Investment (Bahamas) Ltd., a financial advisory firm assisting in the tokenization of real world assets, announced today Uranium3o8 ($U), a token physically-backed by uranium. This is the first such token to enable the purchase of uranium and represents a significant step forward in the movement to better secure supplies of the valuable commodity.

As the world continues to shift towards clean energy sources, experts believe that nuclear power is “a firm generation bedrock to underpin more intermittent solar and wind” and that “it would be a big stretch for renewables to fill all of the gap” left when fossil fuel plants eventually go offline. To that point, there are currently 60 nuclear reactors under construction around the world, and many countries including Switzerland, Spain, and Japan are working to increase capacity at currently operating reactors; while the UK parliament has urged officials to triple nuclear capacity by 2050.

Uranium3o8 is now possible due to the support of Madison Metals Inc., a leading mining firm with several decades of experience extracting resources from the earth. Each $U token is physically backed by one pound of uranium through a forward sales agreement between Madison and Sanmiguel Capital Investment. The aim is to meet the rising demand by simplifying access to uranium price movements for individuals and providing utilities with transparent pricing and traceability from mine to plant.

“Our goal is to democratize ownership of this vitally important resource,” said Ryan Gorman, head of strategy at Uranium3o8. “Utilities are seeking easier ways to obtain uranium, and individuals are starting to view it as an emerging asset class worth inclusion in their portfolios; and to enable mining firms to better finance operations for extracting previously illiquid resources from the earth.”

Historically, in order to buy uranium, utilities have had to negotiate prices over-the-counter and go through a number of logistical hurdles and middlemen that added layers of cost and uncertainty to the process, as it relates to reliable pricing of the product because no real spot market for it actually exists. By tokenizing uranium and tying each token to one pound of Uranium 3o8, an element found naturally in the earth that needs to be enriched in order to be used in reactors, the Uranium3o8 team aims to create a transparent, 24/7 spot market for the commodity – in the process creating a new liquid asset that can also be invested in by individuals and institutions around the world.

“Uranium3o8 is the beginning of a new chapter for uranium, and for our firm,” said Madison Metals CEO Duane Parnham. “Tokenization is the next great advancement in the mining industry, and we’re excited to be part of this charge.”

Token holders must meet strict regulatory requirements in order to take physical delivery of the uranium. The recipient must hold a minimum of 20,000 $U tokens (representing 20,000 pounds of uranium) and be able to prove to Madison Metals that they are qualified under local laws and regulations to receive it. Subject to legal requirements, physical delivery is handled by Madison Metals. Once the actual delivery is complete, the tokens tied to the delivered uranium are burned. The Uranium3o8 team is responsible only for the issuance and administration of the token.

The uranium backing the $U tokens is being supplied from a Madison’s in the ground resources in Namibia, with an initial amount of 20,000,000 pounds pledged to the project.

Madison Metals Inc. is an innovative upstream mining development company focused on sustainable uranium production within a world-class jurisdiction.

Holding majority interests in advanced tier-one uranium exploration and development projects in Namibia, Madison Metals’ innovative monetization strategy aims to provide non-dilutive capital to the company, enhancing shareholder value.

With over 50 years of mining experience, 22 of those in Namibia, the company’s management team has geological and financial expertise, and a history of creating value through exceptional business plan executions.

Disclaimer: Sanmiguel Capital Investments Ltd. does not provide legal, tax, or investment advice. Holdings of digital assets, including the Uranium3o8 Token ($U), is speculative and involve a substantial degree of risk, including the risk of complete loss. There can be no assurance that $U will be viable, liquid, or solvent. No Uranium3o8 communication is intended to imply that $U or any digital asset services are low-risk or risk-free. Redemptions of uranium must meet strict regulatory requirements and are at the sole discretion of our resource partner, Madison Metals. Uranium3o8 makes no representations, nor could it, regarding a $U holders’ ability to redeem the token for uranium. $U is not registered under U.S. securities laws, U.S. derivatives laws, or the securities and derivatives laws of any other jurisdiction. This press release is not an offer to buy or sell securities under any jurisdiction. $U is not available for U.S. persons, entities with U.S. parent companies, entities with U.S. subsidiaries, or persons from other prohibited jurisdictions.

About Uranium3o8

Uranium3o8 was launched by traditional financial industry and blockchain veterans with a vision to make navigating the global uranium market seamless and straightforward through transparent, secure transactions and physical delivery for qualified institutions. Our goal is to enable sovereign uranium ownership, and to provide supply security to clean energy generators around the world. We’re bringing the future of uranium access today.

To learn more about Uranium3o8, please visit:
Website: https://u3o8.io/
X: https://twitter.com/Uranium3o8
Telegram: https://t.me/Uranium3o8

About Madison Metals

Madison Metals Inc. (CSE: GREN) (OTCQB: MMTLF) is an upstream mining and exploration company focused on sustainable uranium production in Namibia and Canada. With over 50 years of mining experience, including 22 years in Namibia, its management team has geological and financial expertise and a track record of creating shareholder value.

Additional information about Madison Metals Inc. can be found at madisonmetals.ca and on the Company’s SEDAR profile at www.sedar.com.

Web3 Social Platform “Cardano Spot” Unveils New Features to Empower Cardano Enthusiasts 7003

0IMG 0811

First all-in-one social media platform for everything Cardano, Cardano Spot, has unveiled a series of innovative features. The platform, founded and developed with direct input from the Cardano community, aims to address fragmentation within the Cardano ecosystem, provide a 360-view, and foster enhanced community interaction.

Desktop  Project Library

Latest Enhancements for a More Robust Experience

Cardano Spot has launched its latest features to facilitate the expansion of native Cardano projects and their communities.

Open Access. In its upgraded version you can now access both News Feed and Project Library without being required to sign in.

Multilingual News Feed. Additionally, Cardano Spot provides access to a diverse multilingual News Feed, featuring content from Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Indian community members.

Desktop  News List

Simplified Registration. The platform now also provides a number of alternative ways for registration, including Twitter, TikTok, and GitHub accounts.

Explore Page. Offers a better user experience through a simple curated view on the latest information about the Cardano ecosystem.

Refer-a-Friend. The newly launched “Refer a Friend” feature enables users to invite friends through a personalized referral link.

A peek into other features:

  • Community Hub: A customized homepage tailored to individual user interests, empowering content creation, user connections, and discovering like-minded communities.
  • News Feed: A source for the latest Cardano ecosystem news, offering educational content, articles, and videos to expand knowledge horizons.
  • Project Library: A comprehensive repository spotlighting projects built on the Cardano Blockchain, complete with explanations, whitepapers, introductory videos, and essential links for personal research.
  • Events Calendar: A consolidated calendar showcasing Cardano-related events, including webinars, discussions, product launches, and more.
  • Market Status: Real-time insights into native token prices, market trends, and tokenomics.

Desktop  Events

Sebastian Zilliacus, Managing Director at EMURGO, explained, “Cardano Spot aims to provide trust, transparency, and accurate information about the Cardano ecosystem. We partner with native Cardano projects to achieve this objective.”

About Cardano Spot

Cardano Spot is the first product from EMURGO Media. This Cardano enthusiasts-focused social network serves end-to-end information for the Cardano community. It provides a user-generated interactive platform specifically designed for investment in, distribution, consumption, and monetization of Cardano content. Cardano Spot solves the issue of fragmented content in the Cardano ecosystem by aggregating valuable, quality content from reliable sources in the Cardano ecosystem to give up-to-date developments in the Cardano ecosystem.

For more information, please visit: https://bit.ly/CardanoSpotWeb3Platform.