Experience Online Skin & Cryptocurrency Gambling Like Never Before with Gamdom 9060

Gambling with skins and cryptocurrency has been around for a few years, with a range of websites to pick from. But not all websites offer a wholesome service as they promise.

Gamdom.com is a licensed online casino which strives to provide a fun, yet safe & secure online betting experience for users, hence the site is provably fair. A separate server is used to verify the fairness of each game, and users can also test the fairness of the game by entering the SHA256 hash.


First-class Games

Gamdom has a variety of exciting games in which players can gamble using their VGO skins, CS:GO skins, and Dota 2 skins. When depositing skins into your account, they are automatically converted into Gamdom coins, the platform’s own digital currency which you will use in your gambling activities.

With four available games: Tradeup, Roulette, Crash, and HiLo, users can deposit using their Bitcoin or skins for accepted games, such as CS:GO, and attempt to increase their balance by playing. The platform has immaculate graphics that give the games a good visual appeal and make the gambling experience purely fun. Moreover, users of the platform are assured that the games are legitimate, thanks to the websites’ provably fair system.

Free Coins

Gamdom provides users with free coins through daily rewards, giveaways, and Rainbot. Users can get free coins from any of those three by following different approaches as explained below.


What sets Gamdom apart from other skin gambling sites is its unique Rainbot feature. The site’s owners and wealthier users deposit coins in a pot and the bot then distributes the funds to the active chat users every 2-28 minutes.

Users can claim this bonus by clicking on the blue cloud that pops up in the chat. Also, if you add “Gamdom.com” to your name, you can earn 50% more on your bonus. Keep in mind that the popup only stays on the screen for about a minute or so; be sure to click it as soon as you see it.

Daily Rewards

A user of Gamdom can benefit from daily rewards by ensuring that his account is verified. You can verify your account by using your phone (SMS verification), and you can always click on the settings tab on the website to check the status. Once your account is verified, you will be able to access the daily reward & free Rainbot coins.

The user level determines the daily rewards offered on the Gamdom site. If your experience is minimal, you can still increase it by using the Name Promotion and, thereby, position yourself higher by gaining XP points, increasing your account level, and receiving more coins from the daily reward and the Rainbot.


Gamdom provides users who follow the platform on VK, Twitter, or Instagram with numerous contests and giveaways by completing simple instructions, such as following Gamdom on their social media and sharing the post. Furthermore, users can claim a maximum of 2% of their total bet coins and receive a maximum of 2% of their total deposits for every free coin claim.

Extra Winnings with Bonus Jackpot Rounds

Crash Jackpot

Gamdom’s progressive Jackpot offers crash players the chance to win a very attractive bonus. The winner gets 75% of the Jackpot and the remaining 25% is divided between all the other users in that round according to their profit.

Roulette Jackpot

The roulette jackpot works on a similar basis as the Crash jackpot. Each round, the site adds 1% of the total bets to the jackpot. When the jackpot is released (which can happen at any time), 70% of the jackpot goes to the winner and 20% will be split between those that have bet on the winning colour. The remaining 10% is evenly distributed to those that have bet on the remaining colours. Players have the chance of winning the jackpot each time they participate in a roulette round.

HiLo Jackpot

When the HiLo jackpot is won, 52% of the jackpot is given to the winner, 30% will be divided among those that have bet on the winning card/cards and 18% will be split between players that have bet on the losing colors.

Gamdom also puts in 0.1% of the total bets each round to the jackpot. Players have a chance of winning the jackpot each time they place a bet on HiLo based on how much they have earned.

Provably Fair Policy 

Gamdom.com is a verified site, which means that all games played on the platform are provably fair. A separate server is used to verify the fairness of each game, and users can also test the fairness of the game by entering the SHA256 hash.

The platform generates, for each game, a chain of 10 million SHA256 hashes. After a game ends, its hash is published so it can be compared with the previous game in order to determine if any modifications took place. The results of all future games are always predetermined based on the mathematical cryptographic distribution of the SHA256 function. In order to prevent anyone from choosing an alternate SHA256 chain, the chain is also publicly displayed on the website. This also proves that Gamdom is not able to manipulate the results in any form.

Stress-free Withdrawal

The procedure of withdrawing your bitcoins, items, or skins from Gamdom is very easy and stress-free. Once you deposit 1,000 coins and wager with 100% of the deposited amount, you are ready to withdraw. Simply use the “Marketplace” and chose the number of skins or Bitcoin you want to withdraw. Items and skins are delivered almost immediately unless there are any errors on the users’ side.

Bitcoin withdrawals are also quick and have low fees, but can sometimes take longer than usual because of unexpected blockchain delays which are out of the websites’ control. Thanks to a wide range of skins and items available on the Marketplace, users are rarely left without anything to withdraw for the amount of coins.

Available Support

Users can access three types of support on the platform: normal support, technical, and marketing support, meaning that there is experienced staff working in each department. Therefore, as a user, you would never be left unattended with your problem. The platform also offers a FAQ section to help address some of the pertinent questions that most users confront in attempting to use the platform.

To improve the website’s user experience, Gamdom is constantly looking for new and talented developers. If you are an interested developer, you can find out more by accessing the following link – https://gamdom.com/home

Gamdom is a CS:GO gambling platform that provides users with an avenue of multiplying Bitcoins, CS:GO, VGO & Dota 2, as well as vIRL items. It strives to offer gamers the best gambling experience with a safe, trustable casino environment.

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Today, the UK’s South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit (SW RCCU) in a joint operation with the Dutch police (Politie), Europol, Eurojust and the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has arrested 6 individuals after a 14-month long investigation into a €24 million cryptocurrency theft.

The five men and one woman were arrested in simultaneous warrants this morning at their homes in Charlcombe, Lower Weston and Staverton (UK) and Amsterdam and Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

The theft, which targeted users’ Bitcoin tokens, is believed to have affected at least 4 000 victims in 12 countries, with the numbers continuing to grow.

The investigation relates to typosquatting, where a well-known online cryptocurrency exchange was ‘spoofed’ – or recreated to imitate the genuine site – to gain access to victims’ Bitcoin wallets, stealing their funds and login details.

This case was referred to the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) and the Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce (J-CAT) hosted at Europol after the British authorities identified possible suspects living in the Netherlands. Operational support delivered by EC3 since February 2018 allowed the J-CAT to coordinate the international cooperation between the different EU Member States involved.

In addition, operational meetings were organised at Europol’s headquarters between the British and Dutch authorities, allowing for the smooth exchange of intelligence and evidence which led to these successful arrests. A coordination meeting was also held at Eurojust to prepare for the action day.

Bitfinex to Complete Platform Upgrade on June 26 4127


On Wednesday June 26, both Bitfinex and Ethfinex will be offline for up to seven hours as we commence a platform upgrade designed to enhance the stability and scalability of the iFinex matching engine.

The platform upgrade will require taking all iFinex trading platforms offline for the duration of the maintenance period. This means that traders across both Bitfinex and Ethfinex will be unable to trade, view or access their wallets during the update.

We kindly ask all our traders to plan ahead accordingly and make the necessary account adjustments prior to the start of the platform upgrade.

What this means for traders

The June 26th update is designed specifically for us to be able to deliver a more sophisticated trading experience, further separating Bitfinex from the remainder of the digital asset trading space. This includes, amongst other things, laying the foundation for the launch of derivatives trading on Bitfinex.

Traders across both Bitfinex and Ethfinex will not be required to take any actions:

  • All funds will remain safe and unaffected throughout the platform upgrade, and will not be at risk at any point.
  • No orders will be executed during downtime. All open orders will be kept (regardless of price movements) and resume once the platform is back online.
  • Users will not be liquidated during downtime. However, traders should be aware that if the price moves significantly during this time, they are at risk of liquidation as and when the platform is reopened. In line with this, we kindly ask all traders to review their margin requirements and assess the risk of market movement on their open margin positions before entering the maintenance window.

Whilst the platform upgrade is set to take place on June 26th, this date is largely dependent on broader cryptocurrency market conditions and the chance exists that the upgrade will be postponed if market movements are deemed too volatile.

We appreciate that up to seven hours is a significant length of time in digital asset trading, but we ensure our active user base that we have taken every measure to make this upgrade as seamless as possible.

For more information on the day of the upgrade, please refer to the Bitfinex status page and Twitter account for official progress. We will let our users know 5 minutes before the platform re-opens. Trading will start 10 minutes after the platform is accessible again.

The eToroX Libra Implementation 4353

Facebook’s announcement this week about its cryptocurrency Libra has far-reaching potential. eToroX’s Labs Blockchain Science team, comprising Chief Blockchain Scientist Dr. Omri Ross, Peter Emil Jensen, and Johannes Rude Jensen, was quick off the mark to investigate how our eToro tokenized assets (and the technology behind them) would work on Libra’s initial prototype, and how well it suited our specifications.

By exploring Libra’s capabilities, and using Move IR (the intermediary representative layer of what will eventually be the final programming language), they successfully managed to implement an initial version of eToro tokenized assets on the Libra Network.

Using a previous incarnation of an implementation that targeted Ethereum as a basis, the team wrote and executed a basic implementation for creating digital asset infrastructure (tokenization capabilities) on Libra.

Our Top Two Takeaways

1. In Move, resources (data structure types) cannot be moved or copied — an extremely constructive and beneficial capability, especially for digital assets, since it prevents accidental duplication and loss.

2. Contrary to other blockchain languages, Move does not allow publishing data on behalf of other users. Because of this, it requires users to acknowledge this beforehand, thereby giving users full control of which data is associated with them.

Read the full report of eToroX’s Libra Implementation on Github.

AI and blockchain solution for insurance industry BlockClaim raises seed funding 5437


BlockClaim, the first hybrid artificial intelligence and blockchain technology solution developed for the insurance industry, has successfully completed its seed funding round with a £500,000 investment.

Developed at Imperial College London, BlockClaim uses the very latest advanced data science techniques to provide insurers with AI-powered fraud filtering and blockchain claim automation. It allows insurers to simultaneously detect fraudulent claims and process claims in record time thanks to groundbreaking capabilities such as intelligent claims-routing and self-learning fraud detection.

Features such as an image recognition AI module can be used to automatically detect damage to vehicles in the event of an accident claim and validate whether it’s genuine or fraudulent. The system can also scan phone and email conversations for inconsistencies and irregularities, helping insurers automatically weed out fraudsters, resolve claims faster and offer a better standard of customer service. BlockClaim delivers a cost per claim reduction of 20% along with significantly reduced settlement times.

The seed funding round attracted investment from global technology investor, Amadeus Capital Partners, whose previous investments include Graphcore. Amadeus is known for its focus on AI and machine learning, cybersecurity, healthcare and SaaS. It has invested over $1 billion since 1997 and specialises in taking high-growth companies global. A number of highly successful insurance executives and business angels also backed BlockClaim in its seed round.

Niels Thoné, CEO of BlockClaim, says, “BlockClaim brings the insurance industry into the digital age with state-of-the-art engineering which couples the power of machines and distributed ledger technology with over two decades of industry experience. The rapid advancement of data science allows us to provide unprecedented objectivity and context automatically in areas that were hitherto only subjective. This makes it much harder for fraudsters to pass through the net.”

DrawBridge Lending Offer Bitcoin SV Non-recourse Loans with No Margin Calls 5098

Bitcoin SV

In another cryptocurrency first, you can now secure loans against your BSV. Chicago-based DrawBridge Lending now offers BSV non-recourse loans with no margin calls. Not in the future but today, as DrawBridge CEO Jason Urban explains: “Recently, we loaned an entity a seven-figure sum secured by BSV and BTC posted with a third party regulated custodian. The interest rate on this transaction was 3%, well below standard market rates. We are able to lend the money at this rate by putting the collateral to work with the use of standard derivative option strategies.”

The main benefit of DrawBridge’s loan product is that the borrower can keep their BSV coin but generate sufficient returns to pay down the cost of funds. The borrower is free to deploy the cash proceeds for its own needs while retaining ownership, and potential price upside, of their coin. In this particular case, BSV price rallied 150% after the loan and the client retained the price appreciation which they would not have been able to do if they had simply liquidated the coin.

This is a noteworthy milestone for the BSV ecosystem for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it demonstrates that trade desks are willing to engage in options trades with BSV coins. This speaks volumes of how BSV is perceived by the professional trading community. Secondly, as the trading of derivatives on the coin becomes more widespread in the BSV ecosystem, finance professionals will create more useful products to deploy and unleash the full potential of the asset.

Calvin Ayre, owner and founder of the Ayre Group and CoinGeek, and supporter of BSV added: “When I first heard about how DrawBridge Lending were expanding into BSV, I was blown away by how obvious the business model was and, obviously, delighted to see further real-life business utility for the only coin that does it all.”

NB: The options are traded on the basis of a standard legal agreement called ISDA Master Agreements. These are common in the traditional financial world but are in the early stages of adoption in the digital world.

Which Coins Will Likely To Be Affected By The Binance Shutdown By The US? 6242

Binance has recently announced that they will no longer allow access of US traders to the exchange, starting September 12, 2019. Although Binance has stated that they will be partnering with Bam Trading to create a US compliant exchange, there is still no time frame on when this will be active – and we can also assume that it will be a minimal function, to begin with for US customers.

In the meantime, we can assume that the volume for the majority of cryptocurrencies that were available to US customers on Binance will now suffer significantly over the next few months as US customers have limited options to trade the cryptocurrencies elsewhere.

The following chart shows which of the coins which are listed on Binance are also listed on other US exchanges. Those include Coinbase, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken, HuobiUS, and eToro.

The research is very eye-opening as it shows how the majority of cryptocurrencies will now struggle to find liquidity after the Binance US closure.


Cryptocurrencies such as AE, HOT, LINK, NANO, ONE, VET, and WTC will have nowhere to trade for US customers. These cryptocurrencies should see a significant drop in volume during the upcoming months as they have nowhere for US customers to trade from, as of writing this. Of the above, Harmony (ONE) was the latest IEO on Binance Launchpad.

Binance Coin (BNB), the native token of Binance, will only be available to trade on eToro. In fact, there are quite a few top-flight coins that will be available to trade on just one US compliant exchange, including ARK, BTT, IOTA, PIVX, and ZIL. These cryptocurrencies are lucky to have one exchange but will still see a significant fall in volume coming from US customers after the Binance anticipated shutdown.

Veteran Altcoins At Less Risk
Although the previously mentioned cryptocurrencies may be in trouble, there is still a handful of cryptocurrencies that will be available on a range of US compliant exchanges that will not be affected by the recent Binance closure. These include cryptocurrencies such as XRP, DASH, XLM, ETC, ZRX, and ZEN – which are all on more than 4 US compliant exchanges.

The bottom line is that the recent Binance closure will send ripples throughout the entire cryptocurrency industry. Binance is the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange with the highest reported volume. However, a large proportion of this volume is coming from US customers. After the US customers have been restricted, we will most certainly see a substantial drop in the amount of volume coming into the market. What is for sure, is that CZ, the CEO of Binance, is already working on a solution for his US customers.