While IOTA sells, NEO bulls are finding support at $34 and pushing prices higher. DASH and Monero have a positive correlation and both are cooling off after both pairs printed record highs against the green back.

Bear momentum has since kicked off in both pairs but until a buy signal is printed with confirming bullish candlestick then buyers should begin loading their long positions.

Let’s look at the charts:


NEOUSD 4HR Chart for November 24, 2017

After November 17 resistance break out and close above the then resistance line at $34, NEO prices have proceeded to test $45 before the main resistance trend line-previous support capped further bulls run.

Now, $34 is acting as our support and this is in line with bullish break out trade strategies. As we can see, the past 48 price action is clearly bouncing off support thereby confirming $34 as a bull spring board and completing a break out retest. Any break above the 20 period MA means we go long.



DASHUSD 4HR Chart for November 24, 2017

The calmness that follows a storm is best exemplified by DASH price action in the past day.

Since the explosion which saw DASH gain and loss $330 within 8 hours on November 20 and 21, DASH has been generally bullish with small candlesticks.

However, in the last 24 hours, DASH trade range has been tight and moving within $50. That oscillation is between $550 minor support and highs of $600 printed on November 22.

The support line to take notice of is at $540 and should there be a strong close below $550 then there are chances that November 12 highs and now support will be breached.

We now take a wait and see approach now that there is a stochastic sell signal.


IOTUSD 4HR Chart for November 24, 2017

As per our recommendation, USD bulls were pumping up sellers following that bearish divergence and IOTA price action failure to strongly close above $0.90.

Because of this apparent reduction of IOTA bull pressure, sellers are in charge. Check out that strong bearish candlestick closing below $0.90 resistance line and the 20 period MA.

It all shows the strength of USD bulls. Therefore to stay in trend, USD bulls should start selling and aim at immediate support of $0.73.


XMRUSD 4HR Chart for November 24, 2017

Monero and DASH have a positive correlation and we can easily note that from their respective price action characteristics.

The weekly trend is definitely bullish after that humongous rally last week and the complementing bull move this week which pushed Monero to new highs. It looks like momentum is fading though.

Already there is a stochastic sell signal in place following those double bar reversal candlesticks on November 23. Any appreciation without momentum is all hot air.  As long as $173 stands, USD bulls should fade the market but with extreme caution since we are in a bullish trend.

Otherwise, conservatives should wait until a stochastic buy signal shows before entering long positions.


NEMUSD 4HR Chart for November 24, 2017

After yesterday’s close below the 20 period MA, NEM price action has been trending within a wedge.

Notice those lower highs and higher lows over the past 12 hours. Besides that, the 20 period MA has been successful in capping NEM appreciation below $0.208.

All in all, as mentioned, price action is within a $0.04 range. For bull momentum to continue, they must break and close this minor wedge.

There is a stochastics buy signal meaning some bull pressure is building up. As a result, chances of a bull break out from the minor resistance trend line are high.


All charts courtesy of Trading View

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Playtoo: The Seamless Bridge From Beloved Web2 Games To The Web3 Era 4728

In an innovative stride towards the future of gaming, Playtoo proudly announces its cross-platform Web3 P2E ecosystem, designed to reward both gamers and developers alike. Today, we mark a significant milestone in the gaming and blockchain technology world with the unveiling of Playtoo, a platform that uniquely leverages the charm of beloved Web2 games, bringing them into the Web3 era without barriers.

Playtoo offers gamers an ever-expanding library of games, where they can earn through play, participate in tournaments, face off in 1vs1 challenges, and engage in multiplayer matches. This model ensures that time spent on the platform translates into real rewards, enriching the gaming experience like never before.

For game developers, Playtoo introduces a groundbreaking framework that enables Web2 games to operate in the Web3 ecosystem effortlessly. With nearly 3,000 Game Developers already on board, Playtoo stands as a testament to the platform’s appeal and potential. This innovative approach allows for immediate revenue streams without any upfront costs or code modifications, democratizing access to the Web3 space.

Playtoo’s vision is to lower the entry barriers to the Web3 world for a global audience. With free entry and no immediate need for a wallet, users can enjoy a familiar, intuitive user interface, making their first steps into Web3 seamless and straightforward.

$PLY Token

The $PLY token, central to the Playtoo ecosystem, facilitates transactions, rewards, and access to exclusive content, creating a sustainable economy that benefits all stakeholders. Notably, the $PLY token is tied to the gaming industry at large, rather than to individual games, ensuring stability and long-term value.

About Playtoo

Playtoo is pioneering the Web3 gaming space by offering a wide selection of streaming games linked by the $PLY token, redefining entertainment, competition, and earnings in the gaming community. Playtoo is a testament to the potential of bringing the vast Web2 audience into the Web3 era, enhancing the gaming experience for everyone involved.

Interested in Playtoo? Follow them:

SkySail Strategies is a leading edge investment strategy and automated investment technology company 4979

In their latest development with a bold stride towards redefining the landscape of wealth creation, SkySail Strategies has announced an innovative development that transcends conventional investment norms. The company’s mission is to forge a new standard of financial prosperity by introducing a paradigm shift in the fintech world.

SkySail Strategies distinguishes itself through a unique approach that pioneers innovation in investment strategies, focusing on quantitative Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and genetic optimization. Furthrmore, the firm adopts a transparent and honest model, providing unparalleled investing tools with meticulously certified and audited track records by institutional level 3rd party service providers, like Alpha Verification. The Automated Investment Algorithm, a cornerstone of SkySail’s methodology, stands out in the financial market, offering an unprecedented opportunity for clients to partake in institutional-level financial tools.

People can embark on a transformative journey with SkySail, a beacon of distinction in the financial heart of the world, London. SkySail Strategies defies convention as an open organization with a physical presence. The mission is clear – to extend the possibilities of clients’ worlds, empowering them to shape their destinies and fulfill their dreams on their terms.

Furthermore the company takes a visionary approach towards investing. At the core of SkySail is the Automated Data Driven Algorithm, a manifestation of the firm’s commitment to pioneering a new era of investing. Merging extensive financial expertise with cutting-edge automation tools, SkySail ensures each investment decision is executed with optimal precision, efficiency, and scalability.

Consequently, distinguished from traditional hedge fund models, SkySail’s tools offer new levels of control. With full custody of their investment funds, clients have the flexibility to access and withdraw any time they’d like, maintaining liquidity for alternative pursuits.

About the Company – SkySail Strategies

SkySail Strategies is a distinguished algorithmic and investment strategy firm operating at the forefront of financial innovation. With a commitment to transparency, professionalism, and transformative experiences, SkySail is redefining the essence of financial success. Using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology, SkySail Strategies offers a unique approach to wealth creation tools, ensuring clients have access to leading edge institutional level technology.


Hover is Ready to Launch Its Public Sale on the DAO Maker 5317

Hover, the non-custodial lending and borrowing protocol from the Kava ecosystem, will launch its public sale on DAO Maker on February 14th. The market launch and the public sale follow the success of Hover’s increasing APY Genesis Pools sprint that runs from November 2023 through February 2024 and generated over 15.3M USD total value locked across $KAVA, $ATOM, and $USDt pools. Hover announced that those who deposit to their Genesis Pools before the market launch on February 21st will keep receiving increased APY for 4 more weeks – until March 18th.

With over 100 successful projects and $42 million raised in its portfolio, DAO Maker is a leader in launching and accelerating web3 startups. Hover’s launch on DAO Maker proves that Hover is in for the long-term game, committing to building trustworthy DeFi solutions. This milestone follows multiple audits and security checks Hover and its partners have undergone to build a secure and reliable platform. As a result, DAO Maker opens Hover to a much broader audience beyond the Kava ecosystem.

“The interest and support of Hover’s Genesis Pools have far exceeded our expectations and given the Hover community an appetite for a successful public sale,” said Aileen Dauz, Core Contributor at Hover. “Launching on DAO Maker is a strategic decision that hopes to bring more trusted partners and supporters looking for long-term DeFi solutions. Through Hover’s public launch, we pledge to build an institutional-grade, secure, and inclusive DeFi solution for everyone.”

The public sale of Hover’s native $HOV token, constituting 3.6% of $HOV’s total supply, is an invitation for the public to benefit from the unique tokenomics model built by Hover. Unlike numerous non-custodial lending and borrowing platforms, where traders typically seek the most advantageous deals, Hover provides a more balanced and user-centric experience. Hover’s tokenomics model rewards user loyalty and offers eight tiers of benefits, such as liquidation and borrowing rebates based on the amount of $HOV staked.

“DAO Maker strives to work with projects that make DeFi more accessible and secure, which is the essence of Hover,” said Chris Zaknun, Founder of DAO Maker. “We are excited to accelerate Hover by launching $HOV on our platform as we see the potential for this project in Kava and beyond.”

Hover aims to raise 1M USD through the public sale, while the team has teased plans for the platform’s further expansion in DeFi along with more rewards and loyalty programs for the most engaged users. Both the public sale and deposits to Hover Genesis Pools will close on February 20th.

About Hover

Hover is a revolutionary liquidity market on Kava that facilitates the lending and borrowing of digital assets. With an innovative tokenomics model, 24/7 risk management, and a rewards program to directly benefit its users, Hover empowers retail users and institutions alike to fly into the next generation of DeFi.

Learn more at

About DAO Maker

DAO Maker aims to redefine Venture capital by making it accessible to the masses. It develops next-generation digital financial solutions trusted by more than 1M users worldwide and is the Best launchpad with the most KYC-ed users.

Learn more at

Aptos Ecosystem Summit Marks Historic Global Gathering for Web3 Innovation and Collaboration 6073

First-of-its-kind summit, hosted by Aptos Foundation, featured dedicated sessions with Aptos’ contributors, along with insights from 50+ builders, supporters, and investors from across the Aptos ecosystem

The Aptos Ecosystem Summit, a first-of-its-kind event hosted by Aptos Foundation and aimed at uplifting the Aptos ecosystem held in January, drew a remarkable attendance of Aptos ecosystem projects, protocols, builders, and investors.

The week-long event built around setting up Aptos Ecosystem projects, protocols, and builders for success highlighted achievements, unveiled news, and delivered best practices offered by 15+ countries, 32 projects, and 50+ investors from 26 firms. On the sidelines of the agenda, 122 one on one conversations took place. These 1:1 interactions between Ecosystem leaders and Aptos Foundation representatives allowed for in-depth discussions, hands-on support, and the sharing of specific insights related to engineering, marketing, product development, legal, and more.

Close to 75% of attendees flew in from outside of the United States for hands-on, full-service, and in-person go-to-market support; underscoring the global impact and reach of the Aptos ecosystem. In all, attendees spent a total of 580+ hours collectively in transit to partake in this monumental and global gathering. The international representation not only highlighted the ecosystem’s global influence but also emphasized the Ecosystem Summit’s significance as a platform for showcasing technical collaboration and innovation made possible by Move on Aptos on a global scale.

The momentum showcased during the Ecosystem Summit was evident on-chain as well. According to data from Flipside Crypto, the highest number of active users on Aptos (178K) was achieved on January 24th—coinciding with the Ecosystem Summit taking place.

In addition to ecosystem leaders and representatives, the summit program included sessions run by 30+ leaders representing Aptos Foundation. This type of engagement underscored the Aptos Foundation’s commitment to providing comprehensive support and resources for the development and growth of projects within the Aptos ecosystem.

In addition to sessions and meetups, attendees took Aptos Foundation representatives’ up on their offers to chat through everything Move, Aptos, and GTM (product, marketing, design, etc.).

Bashar Lazaar, Head of Grants & Ecosystem, Aptos Foundation, reflected: “The Aptos Foundation team’s planning efforts were instantly validated by both the spirited participation from ecosystem projects, builders, and investors, as well as record engagement numbers coming out of January’s event showcasing momentum that will take us through 2024 and beyond.”

Reflecting on the success of the summit, Alix Musset, Ecosystem Lead, Aptos Labs, stated, “The Aptos Ecosystem offers several examples of successful Web3 applications and data integrations across industries from finance to gaming to entertainment to social media to commerce. It’s clearer than ever that the future of the internet is being built on Aptos.”

About Aptos Foundation

Aptos Foundation is dedicated to supporting the development of the Aptos protocol, decentralized network and ecosystem and driving engagement with the Aptos ecosystem. By unlocking a blockchain with seamless usability, Aptos Foundation aims to bring the benefits of decentralization to the masses. Learn more at:

About Aptos Network

Aptos is a next-generation Layer 1 blockchain. Aptos’ breakthrough technology and programming language, Move, are designed to evolve, improve performance and strengthen user safeguards.

Common Wealth Announces the Launch of the World’s First Free VC Fund 6647

IMG 9389

8 February 2024 [Lisbon, Portugal]: Common Wealth, the powerful, all-in-one platform for early-stage Web3 investments, today announces the launch of a world-first initiative: a Free “earn-to-own” VC Fund. This launch represents a completely novel fusion of community-driven Web3 principles with the sophistication of venture capital investment. The initiative will see Common Wealth’s first fund opening up the venture capital sector to the masses, ensuring that the power of early-stage access in Web3 is now in the hands of the community it serves.

The Free VC Fund is designed to elevate the spirit of Web3 at a time when the retail crypto community is mobilising against unfair launch practices. By providing access at the same stage as VCs and other privileged groups, Common Wealth aims to level the playing field in the sector. Leveraging its strong backing by key opinion leaders with a collective social reach of over 12 million, Common Wealth is set to shock the industry with a host of world firsts – the first-ever totally free, no management fees, always liquid, and fully on-chain Venture Fund.

The Free VC Fund comprises an estimated $2.4 million worth of allocations across 15 of the most promising unlaunched projects in Web3 (including Common Wealth!), to be made available to early supporters through an interactive and engaging gamification system.

The starring projects, referred by the All Street Oracles, and that will make up the Free Fund are as follows; Analog, Asymmetry, BLOCKLORDS, Chirp, Cookie3, Diamond Swap, DYOR Exchange, FairSide, Mangata Finance, Mavryk, Nibiru, Nyan Heroes, OP Games, and Rabbet.

The Free Fund will be fully airdropped as “Slices” (fund NFTs) to the winners of a 3 week campaign, starting in around 2 weeks time. Each Free Fund Slice will appear in their wallets as completely non-fungible and immutable proof of ownership, which can be split, transferred, traded at the discretion of the holder. This feature-set is another first and further cementing the innovation behind this new decentralised infrastructure.

The campaign prizes are:

  • Top 10 recipients receive $10,000 slices each. 
  • The next 50 recipients receive $5,000 slices each. 
  • The next 1,000 recipients receive $1,000 slices each. 
  • Runner-ups share ~$1 million in $WLTH tokens.

The Common Wealth Genesis 1 & 2 NFT holders and Beta Testers will receive additional rewards, granting them a competitive edge as a thank-you for their pivotal role in the platform’s beta phase.

Participation is free and open to everyone* to complete specific off-chain and on-chain tasks related to each project in the fund. Progress will be tracked with a Leaderboard, and notably, every verified participant who has completed the minimum tasks will be rewarded.

The custom mechanics will see participants complete various missions, organised into 5 Quests across different social channels. Each project features five Quests, one for each major social media platform, with each Quest comprising three or more Missions. Completion of these Missions earns participants XP points, with bonus rewards for finishing all Missions within a Quest. The ultimate incentive is reserved for those who complete all Quests for a project, offering them a significant XP boost. Automated and manual verifications will provide legitimacy and ensure the transparency and accountability central to Web3.

The Free VC Fund initiative will begin on Wednesday, February 21st, 2024, and will span three weeks, ending with a verification phase**. A total of 1,060 winners will see the prizes air-dropped to their wallets when the app goes live on zkSync ERA mainnet before 8th April 2024. The winners of the $WLTH airdrop will receive their full airdrop at TGE (week commencing 8th April 2024).

Post-launch, the Free Fund will function similarly to all others coming to the Common Wealth app, where a permissionless system will run the investment processes and provide the owners of the slices with their proceeds until the fund is fully vested. Throughout the fund lifecycle, the app will continue to reward education and engagement across the Common Wealth ecosystem.

About Common Wealth

Common Wealth is a powerful, all-in-one platform for early-stage Web3 investments — providing an all-access pass for retail investors to take control of their financial future. It aims to disrupt, scale and optimise the traditional venture capital investment model using Web3 principles and blockchain technology.

By opening up access to the 99%, Common Wealth incentivises better standards of investment and investor education with crowd-sourced wisdom and scalable due diligence.

Follow Common Wealth:

Press Contact:

[email protected]

* Participation in the Common Wealth promotion requires a registered profile and completion of at least 3 missions per project for leaderboard eligibility. Proof of mission completion may be requested, and all entries are subject to verification by the team. Only the highest XP scores can win, with entrants eligible for a single prize across all tiers. Tier 1 and 2 winners are excluded from the TGE airdrop. In the event of score ties, algorithmic tie-breakers will be applied. Judges’ decisions are final. Geographical restrictions may apply.

** Common Wealth reserves the right to extend the campaign at its discretion.

Dypius Enables Secure Cross-Chain NFT Transfers for CAWS and World of Dypians with Chainlink CCIP 6414

Dypius has integrated Chainlink CCIP — the highest standard for safe cross-chain interoperability in the Web3 industry – to enable seamless NFT transfers across the Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Base mainnets. Owners of Cats and Watches Society (CAWS) and World of Dypians (WOD) land NFTs can now securely move their assets across these blockchains, enjoying an enhanced user experience and driving the platform’s growth.

The CCIP interoperability solution is only one of the several Chainlink services that Dypius has integrated in recent years. This movement aligns with the platform’s goals to provide highly secure Web3 products and revolutionize the NFT landscape. Its continuous growth and recent updates show that Dypius is among the most innovative projects in the blockchain sphere.

How Chainlink CCIP Helps Dypius Grow

Chainlink is a world-class decentralized computing platform servicing financial institutions, startups, and developers while ensuring the utmost security for cross-chain interoperability, off-chain computation, and real-world data. The company has enabled financial institutions with $9 trillion in transactions to date – a proven track record of reliability and security that convinced Dypius to choose it as its primary interoperability solution.

CCIP is a continuously improving mechanism with a scalable architecture that allows developers to easily build custom chain-specific integrations and interact with any blockchain network via a user-friendly interface.

One of CCIP’s standout features is the backup from the Risk Management Network — a separate, independent network continually monitoring and verifying cross-chain operations. Its role is to add an extra layer of protection against the vulnerabilities of the cross-chain infrastructure.

Future updates to CCIP will benefit Dypius and its users, who won’t have to pay the switching costs if new cross-chain functionalities become necessary. This way, Dypius ensures its NFT owners enjoy ever-increasing security and efficiency without reducing quality or affordability.

Dypius has integrated several Chainlink services besides CCIP in recent years. In 2021, the platform integrated Chainlink Price Feeds into the Dypius ecosystem to help secure decentralized ETH and BNB price data. This movement supports access to real-time asset prices directly on-chain and thus ensures reliable and secure rewards data.

Incorporating Chainlink VRF & Automation helped Dypius deliver a unique and unpredictable gaming experience within World of Dypians while increasing data quality and performance.

Integrating CCIP will help Dypius users engage in seamless interactions and transfers across some of the most used blockchain networks. The platform should become more efficient and secure while growing and diversifying its user base.

Exploring the World of Dypians NFT Bridge

World of Dypians (WoD) is one of the most versatile metaverse platforms currently developing in the emerging Web3 space. This boundless multiplayer online role-playing game provides a unique, immersive experience in a virtual world that combines AI, high-quality graphics, and engaging gameplay.

The game welcomes NFT collectors and crypto enthusiasts to collect, use, and transfer CAWS or World of Dypians Land NFTs via the NFT Bridge – a dedicated page on the WOD website.

Users can initiate the transfer by connecting their wallet and choosing a bridge route between popular networks, such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Base Network. Next, they must select the NFT they wish to bridge and complete the NFT transfer, which sends the NFT automatically to the wallet in the destination chain.

Using the NFT Bridge on World of Dypians is quick and easy, even for first-time users. Moreover, it is secured by advanced protection standards, enabling seamless and efficient NFT transfers without any hassle.

The Steady Rise of Dypius

Dypius is one of the fastest advancing projects with a growing DeFi ecosystem incorporating secure and efficient products and services in Web3.

The platform is building World of Dypians (WoD) into a standout presence among platforms supporting NFT development. The game caters to regular gamers and businesses in the crypto industry and beyond. Its growth has attracted important partnerships with some of the industry’s leaders. Numerous major brands are already featured with dedicated spaces in the World of Dypians metaverse, including Chainlink, CoinMarketCap, BNB Chain, CoinGecko, KuCoin, Avalanche, Coin98, Conflux Network,, MEXC Global, and Easy2Stake.

In 2023, World of Dypians completed key milestones, such as the game’s listing on Epic Games, launching a closed demo for its multiplayer mode, and setting new standards for AI-powered virtual universes. Moreover, the game became a legally recognized entity at the start of 2024, proving its commitment to transparency and structural growth.

Dypius is advancing on several fronts within its DeFi ecosystem. For example, its native token, DYP v2, is now supported by Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet, two of the industry’s top solutions for storing and managing cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, the platform launched an exclusive beta testing program for its upcoming mobile app, inviting Dypians everywhere to become beta testers. Anyone can play a decisive role in shaping the app’s user experience by trying new features or revealing bugs.

Dypius caters to both crypto beginners and experts with versatile solutions, including analytical DYP Tools, DeFi solutions, CAWS NFTs, and Metaverse gaming. The project runs on unique smart contracts using the protocol’s proprietary anti-manipulation functionality.